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About Us

LA GREEN INFRAA PVT LTD. is a leading Architectural Design and Construction Company with ISO: 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015, ISO 45001:2018 certification for Quality management, Environmental management, Occupational Health and safety Management systems.

The company has multi-disciplinary personnel with very rich experience and high skill. We provide services in Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Interior Design, Prefab Constructions, Prefab Modular Farmhouses, Master Planning and Facilities Programming with turnkey solutions. We tailor our services and assign the most appropriate personnel for efficiently and effectively meeting the client’s specific requirements. The company has maintained high level of professional and technical competence in areas of:

1)    Institutional              

2)    Industrial

3)    Commercial               

4)    Housing

5)    Hotels, Motels, Resorts        

6)    Hospitals    

7)    Land and site planning          

8)    Interior design

9)    Pre-Fab Homes and Buildings

Technical know-how and expertise in various fields are provided by specialised consultants with whom the firm has long association. We are dedicated to maintaining a high level of professional service and a spirit of co-operation. This dedication, coupled with a philosophy that views our client’s need as a creative challenge, enables us to provide quality services for our clients, while producing exemplary design results.




LA GREEN INFRAA PVT LTD. founded on the fundamental principle that the greatest contribution of architecture is to strengthen and vitalize our communities. We believe that architecture, the natural landscape and a building’s context, both in environment and history, are seamlessly connected. Our ability to discover inherent order among these complex components enables us to create projects tailored to their unique environments for our clients. Our process is not formed by any one style or predetermined formula, but rather strives to create architecture that is inventive yet timeless. Both principals are personally involved in every project to contribute their individual strengths and expertise. Each project begins with a collaborative approach, which engages the client in an integrated design process from the initial concept through the project’s completion. We continue this approach in a project’s execution as we endeavor to translate concept into the craft of construction. Our goal is to create projects with truly inspired designs.

Another important part of our commitment to vitalizing the community with unique, interesting and dynamic new buildings is our passion for eco-friendly, or “green” buildings. A major feature of our consulting services is our ability to help you become more environmentally compliant. We understand, as not all consulting architecture firms do, that buildings, as wonderful as they are, can create a huge drain on the environment. In fact, nearly 40 percent of CO2 emissions and 40 percent of energy consumption in the WORLD comes from buildings, which in any means need to be reduced. Our Design Team recognizes we must do something to bring the carbon footprint of our buildings down to a more reasonable level. It is for this reason we strive for sustainability in all that we do and try to implement environmentally friendly design practices for every project we are involved with. When we design a building, you can be sure we are doing it with energy-efficiency and sustainability in mind. We hope that someday all engineering and architecture firms will realize the same commitment to protecting our precious environment, but currently, not all of them do.


Our expertise provides full architectural design service from concept design to construction supervision. Our extensive experience broadly ranges both types and sizes, from private houses, residential building, educational facility, hospitality, commercial, office, and Prefab Buildings as well as health facility. The quality of our surrounding has a direct influence on the quality of our lives. Since the formation, we have undertaken over 100 projects across the country. Among its best known are CROWN INTERIORZ MALL, FARIDABAD and CROWN PLAZA MALL, FARIDABAD.


Our In-House Capabilities Include:


Master Planning, Feasibility Studies, Functional Programming, Site Analysis, Energy Conservation, Studies.


Accessibility Reviews, Program Review and Analysis, Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documents, Graphic/Signage Design, Models and Renderings, Specifications, CADD, Due Diligence Inspections, ADA Reviews and Design.



Programming (Data Collection), Equipment Inventory, Space Planning and Design, Colour/Finish Design and Selection, Furniture/Fixture Design and Selection, Contract Documents, Production Services, Furnishings/Equipment Specifications, Contract Administration, Installation Observation.



Construction Contract Planning with Design Inputs, Negotiation, Bidding with Review and Analysis, Contract Administration, Project Management, Design/Construction.


Master Planning, Site Inventory and Analysis, Site Planning and Design, Design and Zoning, Guidelines, Planting Design, Irrigation Design, Renovation Design, Specifications, Plant Material Selection and Tagging, Interior space Design, Fountain Design, Lake Design, Landscape Lighting Design, Feasibility Studies, Urban Planning and Design, Recreation Planning and Design Contract Administration.



The many longstanding relationships we have developed with our clients reflect our commitment to quality design and responsive service. Our design approach incorporates high standards for quality, technical competence and cost control. Our design style is versatile and diverse, reflecting our ability to respond to the unique objectives and architectural context of each individual project.

These capabilities are supplemented by qualified consultants with whom we have established a continuing association. We typically utilize professional design consultants in the field of Mechanical, Electrical, Structural and Civil Engineering, as well as Acoustical Design, Audio-Visual Systems Design, Kitchen and Food Service Design, Laundry Design, Lighting Design, Construction Cost Estimating and Construction Cost Scheduling. Consultants are selected for each project based upon the consultants’ relevant qualifications and experience with buildings of similar scope and complexity.

Professional Summary

Ar.  Lavesh Kansal



  • B.ARCH in 1996 from MACT Bhopal.

  • PGD Construction Management from NICMAR.

  • GRIHA Certified Professional

  • IGBC  Accredited Professional


A technically sound person, appropriate qualified with adequate experienced on comparable projects with good leadership qualities for galvanizing the project team to achieve common goal with an

experience of more than 24 years in the industry in various fields of Architecture design and executions of Malls, Commercial building, Multistoried Housing complexes, Warehousing Complexes, Pre Engineered Industrial Building, Multistoried Parking in steel structure, ROB’s, Railway Maintenance yards etc.

A good planner himself  to guide the planning process, Analysis of data for quick decision. A disciplinarian, who is linked, respected and at the same time feared with good communication skills , language ability, positive attitude.


1. Experience in managing projects and construction sites.
2. Steel Building & EPC

3. Expertise.
4. Strong communication Skills.
5. Knowledge of building systems, sustainability guidelines, and construction Techniques.
6. Ability to collaborate and multitask
7. Skilled at collaborating on integrated projects
8. Project Management

9. Consultancy Services (PMC).

10. Vastu Compliant Building Services.

11. Pre Engineered Building Consultancy Services for

12. E-Commerce Projects.


Atul Dagar completed his graduation from Aayojan School Of Architecture , Jaipur

Masters in Construction management from RICS.

Atul Dagar has been practicing for past 6 years in Residential, Commercial and institutional Sector , He believes in the "power of simplicity". Unique, yet simple architectural ideas realized in the built form become powerful when there is strong combination of conceptual intention and execution.

Ar. Atul Dagar



We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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