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We expertise in the field of Pre-Fab GREEN building construction. We are ISO 9001-2015, ISO 14001- 2015, ISO 45001-2018 certified company. Having designed and executed various Pre-Fab buildings all over India and overseas in past 25 years, we have brought our NEW PRODUCT “ ECO NEST” to Revolutionize, Ease, Economize the Building Construction, Partition, Building Skin Work by using, PREFAB Structure and Dry wall panels for Mezzanine flooring, Cladding, Boundary/Fencing works .
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A Smarter Way to Build

• We prefabricate any type of housing, office, farmhouses or any other space by an architect—significantly faster than site-based methods, with superior quality and less wastage.

• We also have some pre-designed and estimated layouts as per customer requirement.


A Eco Nest is a factory built home constructed with rigid steel. Our homes are meticulously designed for extreme durability, efficiency and right-sized for modern living.


All of our floor plans has defined options for finishes and upgrades; just enough choice to make your space suit you . This provides predictability in unit costs and timelines.


Our process is designed for full transparency; from developing a project budget, creating foundation drawings for use by your contractor, to final delivery and installation of your Eco Nest.
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Technology & Design

BUILDING SYSTEMS ECO NEST uses the best dry technologies, already tested and available on the market, to design modular buildings with standard components.

Pre-Engineered MS Framed structure for columns and beams

Walls – Solid Cement particle base wall panels .

Roof - Cement particle base wall panels for flat roof/balcony & colored coated sheet with double insulation for Sloped roof as/ climatic conditions
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Fast I Reliable I Efficient.


Site-based construction is linear, requiring completion of the foundation before you can proceed to framing. It’s also subject to delays from weather and subcontractors. We build your home in parallel with site work, in an indoor facility, with our own, full-time staff. This saves you months of time, and saves your neighbours from months of construction noise, traffic, and mess.


Because fabrication happens in a controlled environment, independent from site work, it isn’t held up by the hiccups that occur on job sites. We’re able to give you a reliable schedule that you can depend on, and a knowledgeable project manager to pre-empt any issues before they arise.

Cost Efficiency

Our building system and parallel building process means less labour hours and less material waste. Plus, our rigorous sustainability standards ensure that ECO-NEST are far more energy-efficient than average homes, meaning lower utility bills for the life of the home.


A Prefabricated sandwich panel of two fiber-reinforced cement sheets enclosing a light weight concrete core composed of Portland cement and Flyash.
• Fully cured at factory, they are ready for installation right away.
• Unique “Tongue and Groove” jointing system facilitates rapid construction with minimum effort
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Healthy I Sustainable Construction


The buildings we live in affect our health, mood, and productivity, and unfortunately, the most common building materials can be very unhealthy. That’s why we carefully research every product we use, including Low-VOC millwork, mold-resistant drywall, and exclusively Zero-VOC paints, stains, and sealants. We also design for optimal airflow and ample natural daylight, and minimize ductwork that gathers dust and allergens..


Buildings, as a category, are responsible for more energy use and carbon emissions than all transportation and manufacturing. We are committed to minimizing the energy, water, and materials consumed by our homes, and we developed our own strict framework for selecting the most efficient materials and systems. This translates into a smaller footprint for your home, and a smaller utility bill for you. Our Living Homes are designed to GRIHA standards for maximum energy-efficiency, incorporating ultra-efficient heating and cooling systems, Energy Star appliances, smart energy monitoring, LED lighting and more.


Every step of our fabrication process is designed to minimize waste and ecological impact. We use less resources and materials than traditional job sites, and we recycle or reuse as much waste as possible.


Build to Last

Advanced Engineering

Before we make a single cut, we completely construct each project in our Virtual Build System, allowing us to engineer every aspect of the design. This ensures that the fabrication phase is more efficient and precise, saving time, materials, and money

High-Quality Construction

Plant’s construction process creates higher quality homes. Our full-time staff of skilled tradespeople, our controlled building environment, and our rigorous quality control procedures ensure superior craftsmanship. We provide a level of scrutiny and quality assurance more common to manufacturing than construction—processes that are difficult (if not impossible) to replicate on a traditional job site.

Maximum Durability

We use durable materials of high quality.


At Eco-Nest we simplify the build process. Our team will work with you through the process from our Initial Accessibility Consultation, Designing and Engineering both the Eco-Nest and foundation specific to your site and goals to handing you the keys to your new Eco-Nest Home.

Site Analysis

Conceptual Design

Drawing & Engineering

Manufacturing & Site works

Delivery & Onsite Execution




The entire structure is designed as Mild Steel Box framed structure. Further the structures can be designed and optimized as per site and climatic conditions.


Our homes & cottages do not require any RCC plinth work on site as they come with pre-casted RCC foundation blocks which are just placed over the ground and galvanized steel tubular pipes are hammered inside the ground diagonally (Applicable only in case of solid flat land, no filled up soil and no water logging). Alternatively the foundations can be casted there at site if conditions prevailed and to have optimised costing.


The entire steel structure is then filled with Ready made solid cement particle boards/ Panels of 50 mm to 100 mm thick as per climatic and design requirements with outer façade cladding in PINE and EPE wood or designer weather proof finishes as per design and cost considerations or simply in aesthetics paint and texture finishes. These boards are lightweight but very strong, water & termite resistant. The Panels / Boards Walls and Roof have insulating properties in built, which gives the structure protection from Heat, Cold and sound. All the internal walls are made again with Ready made solid cement particle boards/ Panels of 50 mm to 75 mm thick or can with option of gypsum boards/ calcium silicate boards and painted as per client's choice of colour


The floors are fixed with heavy-duty cement fibre boards of 16-18 mm thickness. After which, Common Living room & Bedrooms are fixed with Laminate or SPC Flooring or PVC Planks with choice of colours to choose from. Toilets are fixed with vitrified tiles of make Kajaria. External decks are fitted with WPC Panels or tiles as per choice.


All internal doors are made of Solid skin doors. Sliding or fixed Doors / Windows and main doors are made of UPVC sections with 5mm thick toughened glass. Options for DGU and mosquito mesh also available at extra cost. Skylights can be added in the roof wit extra cost. Skylight blinds also available at extra cost. Our standard UPVC colour will be white, Grey or wood finish UPVC available at extra cost.


The toilet in the cottage comes complete with all internal pipelines of CPVC or UPVC along with toilet fixtures from Jaquar/ HINDWARE such as WC, Washbasin, Faucet etc. The toilet is fitted with pressure pumps, which is included in the price. The client just needs to connect the water input and waste output at site once the cottage erection is completed. Water storage tanks, shower glass partitions not included.


Complete Electrical fittings including Switches, Sockets, Fans, LED lights included. Internal wiring of make R R Kabel, Switch / Sockets of make Legrand, LED lights, Fans of make Usha. Electronics such as TV, Fridge, AC, Geysers not included and can be fitted by clients themselves. We do provide air-conditioning pipelines inside the walls as per the layouts.


No fixed or loose furniture, soft furnishings or decorations included. Kitchen and wardrobes available at extra cost. Bathroom vanities included.


The cost of above varies from Rs. 1800/- to Rs. 2500/- per Sq.ft. plus GST @ 18% extra. Transportation extra as per actuals. Installation Included in the cost. Boarding & Lodging of the installation team is generally included and in remote cases if required to be arranged by the client. Client needs to make sure there is proper access for trucks and cranes at the site as installation is not done manually.
PAYMENT TERMS: 50% advance, 25% after 30 days,15% balance before dispatch, balance after Installation.
COMPLETION TIME: Within 90-120 days from the date of advance including transportation and installation at site.
WARRANTY & LIFE SPAN: Our Homes & Cottages comes with 20 years warranty for any structural damages or leakages due to rains. Design Life Span of our homes & cottages can be over 50 years if properly maintained.

Some of our Pre-Designed Layouts

The EN Studio Model comes in 1 Bed/1Bath & Pantry Layout. At 432 square feet the home includes a full bathroom and pantry unit.

The ENO2 Model comes in either a 1 Bed/1Bath or a 2 Bed/1 Bath Layout. At 640 square feet the home includes a full bathroom, in-suite laundry, and a spacious kitchen/living area with an optional wood or gas burning fireplace..